Thursday, April 9, 2009

New York and Boston - 2007

Chrissie Granberry and I took a girls' trip. We knew we wanted to go to Boston, but decided to fly into New York because Les Mis was finishing up a six-month run and I really wanted to see the last show.
Of course, while in New York we had to see Ground Zero. It was so moving and emotional even five years later.
This was the church right across the street from where the World Trade Center was. The church was used as a resting point for all the rescuers. It's now largely a memorial to all the rescuers.
This was also the church where George Washington went to pray before being inaugurated. This is his pew.

Chrissie and I then took the train to Boston. We found a fabulous little Italian restaurant in the north end.
We got to see the statue to the 54th Massachusetts.
And the original "Cheers" sign.
We also got to see Paul Revere's house and his grave.
Though you can't tell from this picture, it was actually snowing on our last day in Boston.
We were actually a little worried that our flight wouldn't be able to leave, but we were only about an hour late leaving. They actually had closed the airport completely the day before we were scheduled to leave. This is the view looking outside the airport window.

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