Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mediterranean cruise 2006 - Rome

Laura and I took an excursion of the city that focused heavily on The Vatican. We were also able to go see some of the ruins. Doni and Lori did the exact opposite excursion.

This is Luigi, our tour guide. Check out the melon-colored pants. He was actually an excellent tour guide though it got a little nerve-wracking when he got into an argument with a gentleman in The Vatican. Of course, it was in Italian and they really could have been talking about the soccer scores as Italy was in the playoffs of the big soccer championship.
The Pope's seat.
The ceiling. It's hard to see them, but there are actually letters going around the base of the dome. These letters are over 5 feet high.

This looks like a painting, but it's actually a mosaic. Lots and lots and lots of little pieces of colored stones that make the picture.

"The Pieta." I had heard of the statue and kind of knew what it was; but when I saw it, it was the most moving piece of art I had ever seen. The choir sings a song by the same name. When you've seen the statue and hear the song, it makes it so much more emotional.

The Swiss Guards.

Laura in St. Peter's Square.
Somewhere in this photo is a picture of the Pope's window. Depending on who you talked to the Pope was either in the south of France, the south of Italy, or northern Italy. My guess is that he was in his apartments, kicked back in his recliner, watching the soccer games, and laughing at all the tourists who thought he wasn't there.

The arch.

The Colosseum.
This would have been a wooden floor. Underneath the floor would have been where all the animals were kept for the "games." The Colosseum is actually a sacred place because of all the Christians who were killed here while being persecuted.

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