Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mediterranean cruise 2006 - Naples

Our last port. We were very lucky that our friend Jackie Price Dunn was living there at the time. She came to the port and picked us up and took us out to Pompeii.

Mt. Vesuvias. Thankfully there was no signs of eruption when we were there.

Pompeii was a thriving city in its day. It had everything including a brothel. The brothel even had a pictorial menu. So if there was a language barrier, all you had to do was point. Here I am in one of the bed chambers.

It was a high-class brothel as well because it had indoor "plumbing."

In the streets there were these stepping stones. This would allow people to cross the street without stepping in all the nastiness that would have been flowing through the streets. You can actually see the ruts cut into the rocks by the carriage wheels.
This is the garden behind one of the houses. I imagine in the days before the eruption it would have been a gorgeous backyard.
And the more somber evidence of Pompeii, a plaster cast of one of the victims of Vesuvias' eruption.
Before we went back to the ship, Jackie took us on a drive of the Amalfi Coast. There are no words to describe this scenery.

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