Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July in Germany

Most important things first: Makeup bag found, crisis averted. It was in a side pocket of the suitcase. Not that I plan on wearing much makeup while here. Most of the buildings do not have air conditioning so I would just sweat it off anyway.

Our first day we kind of poked around the village and went sightseeing and window shopping. It was threatening rain and we didn't want to get caught in the cable cars when they shut them down because of lightening.

We started the morning out by going on a cable car ride up into the hillside of Rudesheim where we walked through a wooded area. The kids and I went into a bird sanctuary where they rehabilitate injured birds and then release them into the wild. We saw a bunch of different falcons, some buzzards, and a couple of bald eagles. We then took a ski lift-type ride down to another little town where we were going to catch a river cruise ship to see the castles that line the Rhein River. I have to tell you, that was a hard thing to do -- I'm afraid of heights. And I had Leo on the seat with me. I was proud that I managed to control my panic so I did not freak him out. We got off the ship and took the train back down to Rudesheim where we attended mass at St. Jakobus (James) Catholic Church. There was a wine reception after mass. We think the priest was named Bishop because there was a big announcement made at the end of the mass; however, it being in German, we're not sure what happened. Maybe they were just announcing there would be a wine reception after mass and that made everyone clap. We're now back home for a nice, relaxing evening.

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